Andy Neary

Andy Neary

Andy Neary is a healthcare strategist with VolkBell in Longmont, CO. Neary has more than 14 years of experience in helping employers affect the rising cost of healthcare through innovative strategies. His strategies help employers cut through the complexity of a broken healthcare system and lead to empowered employees and reduced insurance costs.

As a former professional athlete, Neary understands the hard work and daily grind needed to perform at the highest level. He takes the same approach with his clients, guiding them through the daily grind to create truly elite benefit programs.

Recent Articles by Andy Neary

3 Tips for Improving Healthcare Literacy

Today, innovative cost-containment solutions are helping employers “curb” the increasing cost of healthcare.  However, these solutions are only as good as the education tied to them.  A solution without effective education is useless and can even be costly. Employee education has been a sticking point in the employee benefits world.  Many employers haven’t done a good […]

3 Things to Know on PPO Networks

Employers across the country are looking to provide employees with the largest and widest PPO networks as a means of giving employees choice.  Somehow the health insurance industry has determined that networks should be “all-inclusive.” The more medical professionals and facilities in your network, the better your network is. It is time to raise a […]

How to Push Back on Healthcare Premiums

If you are a CFO or HR professional reading this article, you are probably familiar with the typical renewal discussion with your employee benefits broker. It goes something like this: Broker: “Well, the insurance company initially wanted a 12% increase.” You: “How can that be? We have performed fairly well this year.” Broker: “I agree, […]

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