Andy Logani

Andy Logani

Andy Logani is SVP, head of life and annuity business, at EXL. He has a proven track record of leading business growth by generating profitable new revenue streams, building effective delivery teams and driving disruptive and innovative business models.

He has over 18 years of client management, operations and consulting experience in the Insurance industry and has demonstrated expertise across a broad set of domain areas, including capability sourcing, robotics process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Logani has previously established and successfully delivered a $200 million transformation program for a global insurance carrier. He has also helped multiple carriers in designing and deploying enterprisewide RPA centers of excellence.

In his current role, Logani is the global head of client management and business development for the life and annuities vertical. He is responsible for managing a $120 million L&A portfolio. He also drives L&A strategy and transformation offering. Logani represents EXL frequently in industry forums and conferences.

Logani holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and an MBA in international business. He is a certified black belt from Motorola University.

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