Andy Dey

Andy Dey

Andy Dey is the CTO of Vertafore and an executive leader recognized for pioneering innovative solutions that have made significant business impacts.

Dey joined Vertafore in August 2017 with extensive prior experience in on-premise and cloud technologies. Most recently, he was the global head and chief business officer of edge products for EdgeVerve Systems — a Bangalore, India software company catering to the financial, insurance, retail and telecommunications industries, among others. He has also served in development and R&D leadership roles at Concur, SAP and Oracle.

Recent Articles by Andy Dey

How Insurance Can Exploit Blockchain

As the insurance industry races to adopt new technologies and stay one step ahead of the insurtech disruptors, blockchain has become a widely discussed topic. With use cases in fraud protection, risk management, claim processing and smart contracts, blockchain has a promising future with benefits for both independent agents and carriers. Although adoption is still […]

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