Andrew Wynn

Andrew Wynn

Andrew Wynn is the co-founder and CEO of Sheltr, the subscription service that helps homeowners catch and mitigate issues before they become costly repairs.

The company makes home maintenance effortless through twice-annual home checkups – like a physical for your house to improve the way you protect valued assets and reduce unplanned expenses. Sheltr partners with home insurers, lenders and other companies to develop branded product offerings.

Sheltr was inspired by the customer pain point. Wynn moved into a newly built condo in 2015 and, through costly repairs, saw an opportunity in the market that could change the industry across the insurance ecosystem, benefiting providers and customers alike.

Prior to Sheltr, Wynn led product management for all consumer-facing teams at Looker Data Sciences. Before joining Looker, he was an early employee at Instacart, where he led the development and growth of the world’s largest catalog of grocery products.

He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal. He holds a bachelor of arts from Purdue University.

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