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Andrew Dart

Andrew Dart is a partner with The Digital Insurer. He was previously the sole insurance industry strategist for CSC in AMEA and one of CSC’s “ingenious minds” globally. With more than 30 years of international insurance experience, Dart has worked in Asian cities, including Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong. He is a regular contributor to industry publications, active on social media and a speaker at industry conferences around the region.

In addition to his strategist role, Dart was a key executive on the financial services regional management team in charge of products, alliances and pre-sales and earlier was the country manager for Indonesia.

During his career, he has developed a diverse range of propositions for insurance customers, including business process outsourcing; application outsourcing; telematics/UBI (usage-based insurance); mobility/POS (point of sale); CRM (customer relationship management)/direct marketing; and predictive analytics.

Recent Articles by Andrew Dart

IoT: Looking Beyond the Usual Suspects

Ever wondered what the Internet of Things (IoT) looks like? Well it’s not like the world of Pokemon Go – where virtual things push their way into the real world. The world of IoT is where real things are pushing into the virtual world, and the data these connected things provide is a heck of […]

Matching Game for InsurTech, Insurers

What is it with InsurTech startups and insurance companies? To any outsider, it’s very clear that InsurTechs and insurers make for very odd bedfellows. InsurTechs are quite ephemeral. They sprout up with the sweet rains of venture capital funding and die as their funding dries up. They are nimble and innovative. They aspire to be […]

Time to Rethink Usage-Based Insurance

“Do no harm.” That’s part of the doctor’s oath, and it was the underlying thinking behind Progressive’s launch of usage-based insurance (UBI) into the U.S. insurance market back in 2010. The message was straightforward – try our Snapshot device, and your insurance premium can only go down; how far down depends on how well you […]

Telematics, Big Data in Car Policies

Once upon a time, an insurance COO was walking along a beach, deep in thought. His CEO had just asked him to increase the motor business. The COO was in a sweat, knowing that he could quickly increase sales by dropping premium rates and excesses, but that claims would also follow. The loss ratio was […]

The Case for Connected Wearables

It was an event maybe even more anticipated than Neil Armstrong’s Moon shot in 1969. I had never tuned into one before, yet there I was, sitting in my pajamas at 1 a.m., frantically trying to get back onto the streaming podcast that my iPad had just dropped, as millions of other nerds the world […]

Microinsurance Has Macro Future

“‘We’ll all be rooned,’ said Hanrahan….” So goes the famous Australian bush poem by John O’Brien about the plight of farmers going from drought to flood to bush fire – one extreme weather situation after another. And though we are nearly 100 years on since that poem was written, we seem to be no further […]

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