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Andre Hesselink

Andre Hesselink

Andre Hesselink is the CEO of, Asia’s first and only meta search engine for finance and insurance products. He launched the company in 2015 when, after moving to Singapore in 2011 to set up the Asian branch of Travix, his frustrations trying to purchase car insurance inspired him to launch GoBear.

GoBear is Asia’s first and only metasearch engine for insurance and financial products, and it was founded on the simple premise that a consumer should find freedom and ease in choosing complex financial products such as insurance, credit cards and loans. With headquarters in Singapore, GoBear has established a presence in Thailand and Malaysia, and the company will continue to expand across Southeast Asia in 2016.

Driven by a strong belief that companies need to place consumers first, Hesselink has made it his business to disrupt traditionally organized industries and revolutionize the way they are structured — for the benefit of the consumer. After getting a taste for entrepreneurship at the age of 23 and learning the nuances of running his own business, Hesselink has spent his career identifying and solving business and consumer challenges across different sectors.

Originally from the Netherlands, Hesselink’s initial success came by way of the travel and aviation industry, when he became one of the pioneers of the online travel business, setting up the online travel agency in 1995. Further success came by way of Travix, another online travel solution that commanded 50% of market share across the Netherlands in just five years, expanding quickly across Europe.

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