Andreas Alamanos

Andreas Alamanos

Andreas Alamanos is a mathematician and IT professional, managing Andreas Alamanos is a mathematician and IT professional, managing companies in the IT sector for more than 30 years. He also worked as manager or coordinator in numerous multinational R&D projects of the European Commission. Over the years, he has designed and developed applications and systems especially in the fields of signal processing IoT, insurtech and cloud computing.

He is the inventor of the PODIS (Post Distress Signal), an ACN (automatic crash notification) system for traffic accidents, which is patented and received international awards. The PODIS system is managed and distributed by PODIS LTD, a U.K.-registered company.

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Background Mobile devices, like smartphones, can be used as “terminals” of IoT networks because they are equipped with numerous sensors that can record the environment. Smartphones nowadays are a commodity, almost always carried by their users, including when they are drivers or passengers of vehicles. Therefore, they can be used as automatic crash notification IoT […]

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