Andrea Masterton

Andrea Masterton

Andrea Masterton is the corporate marketing director for e-SignLive by Vasco. She oversees industry marketing strategy, market awareness and demand generation within key industry segments, specifically insurance and financial services. Masterton’s 15-plus years of experience in the electronic signature market include producing more than 100 educational webcasts and seminars, writing dozens of white papers and participating in industry electronic signature and process improvement workgroups.

Recent Articles by Andrea Masterton

A Key Misconception on Digitization

The industry knows today’s customers are ready for digital insurance. It knows the expectation for anywhere, anytime responsive service is dictating how customers choose service providers. But are insurance professionals stepping up? Based on what we are seeing, they still need some convincing. How often is the digital path chosen? An interesting trend emerges when […]

4 Myths About Independent Agents

While speaking at an insurance conference recently, I shared examples of how e-signatures are transformative because the technology now makes it possible to fully digitize the insurance sales and service process. “Imagine if tomorrow all your printers and filing cabinets disappeared,” I offered. Afterward, an agent approached me and said, “I don’t get what the big […]

E-Signatures: an Easy Tech Win

While industry analysts and thought leaders speculate on the adoption and impact of telematics, driverless cars and the Internet of Things on insurance, it is worth revisiting how we are doing with more mainstream technologies. Electronic signatures and e-apps have been around for years, yet paper-based applications remain the norm. A survey of 113 insurance […]

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