Amanda Mosby

Amanda Mosby

Amanda Mosby is a program manager at the University of Maryland Baltimore. She has 15 years of experience coordinating a variety of research studies and academic projects targeted toward improving behavioral health and well-being in individuals.

Mosby has led the oversight of activities and operations of federal, state and foundation grants, identifying program goals, writing reports and developing protocols. She also acted as primary liaison with outside agencies. She helped develop an innovative online training platform to support the State of Maryland in its workforce development efforts (, an online data collection system for school mental health teams ( She also led a qualitative study on consumers’ opinions of and attitudes toward online-based applications and technologies to receive behavioral health services.

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Recent headlines report an upward trend in “deaths of despair” among middle-aged, white (non-Hispanic) men, most with less than a college education. For the past 100 years, life expectancy has been increasing, but, among this group, that trend suddenly went into reverse. The explanation that Princeton University economists give includes an increase in suicide, overdoses (mostly […]

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