Alok Bhargava

Alok Bhargava

Alok Bhargava is a principal with Ernst & Young’s data and analytics advisory practice. Over the last 20 years, Bhargava has worked with leading financial institutions in North America, Australia, the U.K. and the Asia Pacific region to support their data management and analytics needs.

He has advised and assisted his client’s senior level executives on engagements ranging from strategy through solution implementation in the areas of data management, business intelligence, advanced analytics, digital, and next-generation data solutions.

For the past five years, he has focused on the insurance sector, where he leads EY’s Guidewire data and analytics practice. Bhargava has built an integrated, high-performing team (onshore and offshore), created a set of Guidewire-related solutions and delivered large-scale, business transformation projects while achieving high customer satisfaction scores. His work has resulted in significant revenue growth for EY.

Recent Articles by Alok Bhargava

The ‘Moment of Truth’ for Claims

Claims are a paradox for the insurance industry. Neither consumers nor insurers want claims to occur, but, when they do, they are critically important to both parties. Consumers want speedy resolutions, clear communications about status and, as a bonus, a personal touch. Insurers are looking for efficiency and accuracy and to eliminate the risk of […]

Transforming Claims for the Digital Era

As insurers undertake digital transformation programs, many rightly turn to the claims function. Claims is a very good candidate for such initiatives because of its importance to the relationship between customers and their insurers. Claimants and insurers both want speedy and fair resolution, based on clear lanes of direct and personalized service. A data-driven, analytics-enabled […]

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