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Al Lewis

Al Lewis, widely credited with having invented disease management, is co-founder and CEO of Quizzify, the leading employee health literacy vendor. He was founding president of the Care Continuum Alliance and is president of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium, the leading procurer and evaluator of valid programs for health plans and large employers. 

Named one of 13 Unsung Heroes of Healthcare to Watch in 2013, he is a visiting scholar at Brandeis University and formerly taught economics at Harvard . He is also author of the critically acclaimed trade-bestselling Forbes Healthcare Book of the Year Why Nobody Believes the Numbers: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Population Health Management and of the recently released Surviving Workplace Wellness…: With Your Dignity, Finances and (Major) Organs Intact.

Recent Articles by Al Lewis

Wellness War Is Over; Wellness Lost

What if we told you that “pry, poke, prod and punish” wellness programs are bad for morale, damage corporate reputations and cost more money than they save? You’d say: “Al, you, Tom Emerick and more recently Vik Khanna have been telling us that for years.” You might add: “And while your opinions are usually well-reasoned […]

Are Obamacare Wellness Programs Soon to Be Outlawed?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed suit Aug. 20 against a Wisconsin company, Orion Energy Systems, which severely penalized and then fired an employee who refused to participate in the type of wellness program now encouraged by the Affordable Care Act. The EEOC is arguing that there was “no business necessity” for this program […]

Three Lessons on How to Chase Away Clients

If you don’t have time to read this now, remember one thing:  do NOT fine women $1200 for refusing to disclose on an HRA whether they intend to become pregnant.   Perhaps you think that is obvious but it isn’t to Penn State, which is doing exactly that Until recently, human resources (HR) departments couldn’t get […]

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