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Alex Polyakov

Alex Polyakov

Alex Polyakov is CEO of Livegenic, which delivers real-time video solutions to help organizations reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and mitigate risks. Polyakov has more than 15 years designing enterprise solutions in many industries, including IT, government, insurance, pharmaceuticals and talent management.

Polyakov holds a bachelor’s of computer science from Drexel University and a master’s of software engineering from Penn State University.

Recent Articles by Alex Polyakov

What Millennials Demand as Customers

Those of us born in prior generations are used to certain innate complexities about insurance. We are almost immune to the thick stack of documents that accompany a policy. We’re not particularly upset about having to jump in a car to visit our insurance agent’s office to ask a question or pay a bill. We […]

3 Ways for Video to Reinvent Claims Work

There are lots of great technologies and innovative products being developed that can help redefine the future of the claims process. Most recently, real-time video has been taking its place among industry disrupters such as drones, the Internet of Things and telemetries. We’ve seen Esurance, USAA and Erie Insurance adopting various video technologies. Yet, the […]

How to Avoid Pitfalls in Insurance Innovation

The words “disruption” and “innovation” are in everyday lexicon surrounding many concepts, products and services. At times, it seems almost impossible to navigate the full range of opportunities for insurance innovation. This makes it extremely difficult to make the right choice to adopt a specific technology or strategy to redefine or reinvent a business. Certainly, […]

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