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Alex Pezold

Alex Pezold

Alex Pezold is co-founder of TokenEx, whose mission is to provide organizations with the most secure, nonintrusive, flexible data-security solution on the market.

While working as a QSA, he recognized the potential of cloud-based tokenization not only for PCI data but also for privacy data in an increasingly privacy-focused world. With that inspiration, Pezold and a friend eventually founded TokenEx.

Prior to founding TokenEx, Pezold earned a master’s degree in computer science and information security through the CyberCorp program at the University of Tulsa. He then worked as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, establishing a strong background in cybersecurity and compliance.

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When the New Year arrives, so, too, will a new standard for privacy. The California Consumer Privacy Act—and its recent amendments and draft regulations—will soon govern how entities around the world are allowed to collect and process data. Although CCPA is limited to the data of California residents, the ultimate impact is much greater than […]

CCPA: First of Many Painful Privacy Laws

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which becomes law on New Year’s Day, is to this point the most important and influential piece of privacy legislation in the U.S. It’s designed to protect the privacy of consumers, and its effects far exceed the borders of the nation’s largest state—and the country, for that matter—by dictating […]

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