Alex Kubicek

Alex Kubicek

Alex Kubicek started Understory after he received a master’s degree in atmospheric science. His lifelong passion of weather drove him to create awarding winning curriculum for Weather and Climate 101 at UW-Madison, receive “Outstanding M.S. Thesis” for his work on cloud microphysics and hail formation and now revolutionize the weather space with next generation weather stations. Kubicek has led Understory through an accelerator program, a hardware seed stage, an institutional seed financing of $2 million led by True Ventures and a Series A financing of $7.5 million, led by 4490 Ventures and with strategic participation by Monsanto.

Understory is a weather data analytics company that builds, deploys and harvests data to provide companies with empirical ground-truth weather data. Unlike any other solution, Understory deploys dense ground-based weather stations with technologically advanced sensors that detect and deliver 3,000-plus measurements per second. The heart of Understory’s solution is the weather station, which features a revolutionary design that is much more responsive and reliable than current weather stations. The weather station behaves like a dedicated scientist taking real-time measurements out in the field for weather events, including hail, wind, rain, as well as recording temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and derived measurements such as wind chill, heat index, sea level pressure and wind gusts. The station combines sensors that detect and report weather data on a second-by-second basis. It is the only type of weather station that delivers real-time data on the size of hailstone impacts. The ability to measure hail, wind and rain without any moving station parts in real time is what makes the weather station revolutionary. The temperature, pressure, and humidity instruments are standard technologies that have been integrated with onboard electronics for data management.

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