Alexander Pike

Alexander Pike

Alexander Pike is the commercial director of AkinovA, having joined in May 2017 as the team was coming together.

Prior to AkinovA, he served for six years in a British Army reconnaissance regiment, completing two combat tours of Afghanistan and being promoted to the rank of captain.

After leaving, he joined Morgan Stanley’s prime brokerage desk in London before moving to a venture capital fund.

Recent Articles by Alexander Pike

Are We About to Exit the 17th Century?

I may find myself hounded across Leadenhall market for suggesting such an idea, but is the ritual of brokers sitting outside an underwriter’s box, clutching stacks of insurance slips, about to be consigned to the history books? Could the process of matching the right risk to the right capital be done more effectively and efficiently? […]

3 Big Trends for Reinsurance in 2018

As 2018 begins, what key trends will shape the coming year, and how can you position yourself to capitalize on them? 2017 was a tumultuous year for the reinsurance industry, so, which reinsurance themes will carry over into 2018, and how is the industry positioning itself? 1.  Cyber: software is eating the world With the […]

Why Is Insurance Industry So Small?

Small? According to Swiss Re, the global insurance industry generated $4.6 trillion in direct insurance premiums, or 6.3% of the global GDP in 2016. Without insurance, flights would not take off, ships would not set sail and you would not be allowed to drive your car. Insurance is a key enabler in the global economy, […]

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