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Alexander Golubovich

Alexander Golubovich

At a1qa, Alexander Golubovich is a unit coordinator with over 11 years of in-depth experience in QA. He is a professional at providing effective QA solutions and coaching passionate QA specialists. With over 100 successfully completed projects across such industries as eHealth, real estate, eCommerce, media and entertainment and many more, Golubovich manages a 140+ QA team helping the global customers from Fortune 500 list enhance the software quality of delivered solutions, thus, boosting customer experience and accelerating time to market.

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Securing Your Internet of (Medical) Things

Internet of Medical Things is no longer a thing of the future; it can be rightly called a thing of today. Worldwide, a plethora of hospitals, health facilities and labs have adopted IoMT systems of iconnected devices and big data, which allows them to render error-free, personalized and overall superior healthcare services to their patients. […]

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