Alexander Cherry

Alexander Cherry

Alexander Cherry is Head of Content at Buzzmove, a UK-based Insurtech on a mission to take the hassle and inconvenience out of moving home and contents insurance. Before entering the Insurtech sector, Cherry was head of research at Insurance Nexus, supporting a portfolio of insurance events in Europe, North America and East Asia through in-depth industry analysis, trend reports and podcasts.

Recent Articles by Alexander Cherry

Where Is All the Contents Insurance?

Do you think home and contents insurance is broken? Then join us for our Getting the House in Order series on what’s wrong and how to fix it. Part 1 takes stock of the U.K.’s protection gap and its effect on different demographics. I’m sure that at some point in life you’ve faced the too much stuff moment. […]

Global Trend Map No. 21: N. America (Part 3)

This post concludes our exploration of Insurance/Insurtech trends in North America as part of our progression through our seven dedicated Regional Profiles. In Part I and Part II of our North America Profile, we reviewed our general statistics for the region (gathered in the course of our Global Trend Map) and identified five qualitative themes, of […]

Global Trend Map No. 20: N. America (Part 2)

Today, we continue our journey through our dedicated regional profiles, in which we explore key insurance/insurtech trends continent by continent. In Part I of our profile for North America, we reviewed our general statistics for the region, which we gathered in the course of our Global Trend Map (download the full thing here), and identified several qualitative […]

Global Trend Map No. 19: N. America (Part 1)

Following on from the regional profile for Europe, we now move on to North America. We will be taking you through dedicated profiles for all the world’s major insurance markets, each taken from our inaugural Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map, an in-depth account of insurance and insurtech trends internationally. Access all seven of our regional profiles […]

Global Trend Map No. 18: Europe (Part 2)

In Part I of our profile for Europe, we reviewed our statistics for the region, which we gathered in the course of our Global Trend Map (download the full thing here), and outlined a number of qualitative themes, exploring the first two of these: Growth opportunities in a relatively saturated market The European consumer and […]

Global Trend Map No. 17: Europe

These regional profiles are taken from our inaugural Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map, an in-depth quantitative-qualitative account of insurance and insurtech trends the world over. (You can access all seven of our regional profiles straight away by downloading the full Trend Map here.) Our Europe profile combines quantitative insights derived from our global survey, some of […]

Global Trend Map No. 16: Regions

Following on from our previous post on product development, which concluded the key themes section of our Global Trend Map, we now examine the insurance and insurtech trends in the world’s major markets via our dedicated regional profiles. We focus on seven key regions. In our forthcoming posts, we will be referring back — on […]

Global Trend Map No. 15: Products

Following on from last week’s post on Regulation, it is time for our final ‘Key Theme’, on Product Development, after which we move on to our Regional Profiles. Product development is the bread and butter of the insurance industry – the question is not whether to build products but rather which products will best serve […]

Global Trend Map No. 14: Regulation

Following on from last week’s post on investment management, today we tackle that omnipresent question for carriers old and new: regulation. Regulation affects absolutely every part of the insurance business, from how customer data is held and used to how insurers reinsure themselves and invest the premiums they gather. The time and money cost of […]

Global Trend Map No. 13: Investments

How carriers make their profits depends on multiple factors, and there are any number of sweet spots to be found for different market conditions (hard and soft, for instance) and interest rates. It is possible (though not automatically desirable) for carriers to operate without positive combined ratios, deriving their profits exclusively from the interest accrued […]

Global Trend Map No. 12: Cybersecurity

As web-first rapidly becomes the norm for today’s businesses, a new bogeyman is lurking: cybersecurity. With IT systems no longer an adjunct but the central pillar of most organizations, cyberattacks have come to represent an existential threat. No less serious is the risk to the vast repositories of customer data that today’s businesses sit on […]

Global Trend Map No. 11: Fraud

In our previous post, on claims, we highlighted the importance of claims as a customer touch-point – a poor claims experience is indeed a leading cause of customer churn. However, fraudulent claims are also a massive area of carrier losses. There is a tricky balance to be struck here. Treating every claimant like a potential criminal […]

Global Trend Map No. 10: Claims

In our previous post, on distribution, we pointed out that claims represents perhaps the most important customer touchpoint in the entire insurance journey. Nothing affects carriers’ bottom lines like claims; too many are not just capable of wiping out company margins but can jeopardize company survival. Full stop. And it’s not as if customers like claims, […]

Global Trend Map No. 9: Distribution

While current market opportunities for insurers – and for insurtechs – require a good product to sell, a large part of the story is about accessing customers via their preferred channels. So the topic of distribution is a natural follow–up to our last post on marketing and customer-centricity. The pre–digital era was characterized by more of […]

Solving Insurtech’s People Challenge

This is part one of four. You can find the full report here. In this new four-part series, we explore how your people can be your secret weapon in the next phase of tech-driven insurance transformation. With insights from Bullfrog Ventures’ Hilario Itriago and Ana Rojas Matiz. Part I: What is the “people challenge,” and why is […]

Global Trend Map No. 8: Marketing

At the end of our previous post on the Internet of Things, we pointed to the importance of customer–centricity for the success of today’s insurance products. This is because the disruption to which incumbents are responding is customer–driven. The extent to which insurers survive – and thrive – will depend on how well they can keep […]

Global Trend Map No. 7: Internet of Things

In our earlier post on Analytics and AI, we pointed to the growing volume and exploitation of (big) data at every point in the insurance value chain. But where is all of this data coming from? The old data sources and data-gathering methods have not gone away, but they cannot on their own explain the continuing […]

Global Trend Map No. 6: Digital Innovation

Following on from our previous post on analytics and AI, we now turn to digital innovation – with a focus on the digital, mobile and cross-platform strategies being pursued by insurers as well as by other ecosystem players. The following stats and perspectives are drawn from the extensive survey we conducted as part of our Global Trend Map; […]

Global Trend Map No. 5: Analytics and AI

Having completed the exploration of our global trends in our previous post on services, investments and job roles, we now turn to our key themes. In our next round of posts, we will explore 11 key functional and technological areas within insurance, starting with today’s installment on analytics and AI. The following statistics on big data, analytics […]

Global Trend Map No. 4: Industry Health

In our previous post on Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map #3: Insurer Priorities, we explored where carriers are focusing their money, time, staff and training resources in their bid to stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast–moving insurance market. Today we are continuing that theme, examining some bellwethers for the general health and future direction of […]

Global Trend Map No. 3: Priorities

In our last post, Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map #2: Insurtech Perspectives, we looked at carrier sentiment toward disruption both globally and in a range of local markets (Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific). We found significant, though not overwhelming, impacts reported from new market entrants, while at the same time acknowledging that psychology may play a […]

Global Trend Map No. 2: Insurtech

Following our last post, Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map #1: Industry Challenges, it is now time to address the elephant in the room. Speak to any insurance industry pundit, and he or she will talk about an impending shake–up — a sudden obsolescence of traditional carriers in the face of leaner, nimbler competitors and disruptors under […]

Global Trend Map No. 1: Industry Challenges

Welcome to the first post in our new insurance/insurtech content series! Here, we examine the top internal and external challenges facing the insurance industry, as revealed by our Trend Map, for which we gathered more than 1,000 survey responses from insurance players around the world and consulted more than 50 industry thought leaders. You can find […]

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