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Alan Demers

Alan Demers

Alan Demers is founder of InsurTech Consulting, with 30 years of P&C insurance claims experience, providing consultative services focused on innovating claims. After initiating and leading claims innovation at Nationwide, Demers collaborates in the forefront of insurtech, partnering with insurance leaders, startups, design thinking experts and service providers to modernize personal, commercial and specialty claims.

As vice president, claims innovation at Nationwide, Demers conceptualized a vision and road map to build next-generation claims, automating and digitizing claims experiences, progressing from inception through prototype testing. He served as a founding member of the Corporate Innovation Council and played a key leadership role in establishing goals, practices and an innovative culture at Nationwide.

Demers is an accomplished executive leader and has worked for two separate Fortune 100 insurance companies in a number of corporate, national and regional leadership roles among personal, commercial, non-standard and specialty lines claims. Prior to leading claims innovation, he served as head of claims for Nationwide’s commercial agribusiness and non-standard claims. Other noteworthy roles include: field vice president, regional claims officer and national catastrophe director, quality assurance director.

Demers began his career with Aetna as a claim adjuster and advanced to a corporate claim consultant, prior to joining Nationwide in 1995.

Recent Articles by Alan Demers

Buckle Up for Telematics 2.0

For as much coverage and discussion as telematics has received over the past two decades, its impact on the auto insurance economy, including transportation, is going to be even greater and further reaching than many may have thought – it will be transformative in the fullest sense of the word. Broadly defined as the digital exchange […]

Future of Work and Collaboration

Most people still think in terms of returning to work and life as we knew it once the pandemic is over. Meanwhile, return-to-office plans continue to be disrupted, impeding any real chance to test out hybrid models, which many have held out hope for as a longer-term solution. Return to work and life as we once […]

Tomorrow’s Insurance Is Connected

Insurance is, at its core, five things: underwriting and pricing risk, selling and distribution, claims adjudication, servicing and, finally, investment management. Of course, there are hundreds of other skills and important areas, but these are the five central pillars of any insurance company. Technologies are emerging that enable omnipresent, real-time connectivity between the people and businesses […]

Insurance-as-a-Service 2021

It seems there are more insurtech predictions than ever for P&C insurance in the new year. Some of my favorites include; rise of the ecosystems, embedded insurance (in just about every product and service) and big strides for AI and telematics. Ever since the insurtech wave began, massive disruption has been anticipated. Several startups have done […]

How to Accelerate Innovation: Pairing

Throughout the first quarter of 2020, the insurtech landscape has remained vibrant. There are record-setting venture capital investments, weekly announcements of new insurance/insurtech deals and lots of excitement. Over the last few years, the volume of insurtech developments and offerings in claims has grown exponentially, and many are being implemented to help reduce adjustment cost […]

How to Lead and Collaborate in Claims

Much has been written over the years about what sets great claims organizations apart from all others, but none of these analyses really apply anymore. The new world in which insurance and claims now operate features totally different customer profiles, plus emerging, tech-enabled solutions that can solve challenges in the claims process that have existed […]

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