Aaron Proietti

Aaron Proietti

Aaron Proietti is a futurist, an innovation leader and the founder of Adaptivity Enterprises, LLC, a futurism and innovation consulting practice that “helps others thrive amid accelerating pace of change.”

He views innovation not as an activity but as a core business competency that must be developed, led and nurtured within both the individual and the corporation. Proietti has spoken at numerous conferences on topics such as the definition of innovation, innovation leadership, culture change, collaboration and exponential technologies.

Proietti’s deep expertise in innovation comes from time spent in the trenches building and leading an innovation discipline from scratch at Aegon/Transamerica, a multi-national insurance and investment company. He worked closely with Maddock Douglas to create an innovation culture, strategy and department within Transamerica. In 2014, as chief innovation officer, he was named one of the 24 most creative people in insurance by LifeHealthPro.

Proietti’s role changed several times as Transamerica evolved to be in a better position to innovate effectively:

–As SVP and chief innovation officer of Transamerica Life & Protection, he led a division-wide effort to engage and enlist employees at all levels in the execution of the innovation strategy.
–Proietti built and led Transamerica’s insights & innovation department, consisting of multiple centers of excellence to identify and exploit innovation opportunities.
–As chief customer advocate, Proietti merged Transamerica’s customer-centric service strategy with the forward-looking innovation strategy.
–Finally, as head of innovation for Transamerica, Proietti built and staffed a cutting-edge R&D team and built a “future proof” innovation strategy (which is now the name of his blog).

In 2016, Proietti chose to hang up his corporate cleats to spend more time with family and launch Adaptivity Enterprises. It is during this hiatus from the corporate grind that he has fine-tuned his passion for futurism. He now invests the bulk of his time in understanding driving forces of change to better imagine the world of tomorrow. From fintech to genomics to renewable energy, he has developed a wide-ranging expertise in the disciplines that will get the world to where it’s going.

In early 2017, Proietti was trained by vice president Al Gore as a member of the climate reality leadership corps and is committed to teaming with activists, educators, scientists and others to develop and implement real climate change solutions. He is also a featured contributor for

Born in Rochester, New York, Proietti got his B.A. in mathematics from SUNY Geneseo in western New York. He earned his M.S. in applied mathematics from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. He worked eight years in Richmond, VA for Capital One as a data analyst, credit policy analyst and product innovator.

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