Aaron Blackledge

Aaron Blackledge

Aaron Blackledge is a bridge builder, game planner and thought leader at GeauxPoint Consulting, which operates out of Baton Rouge, La. He specializes in helping businesses to navigate the rapid pace of innovation and change.

Aaron has more than 15 years of experience in business management and technology. He’s spoken at national conferences about innovation, worked alongside tech giants including Adobe and Cardinal Health and helped engineer change for more than 200 clients.

Recent Articles by Aaron Blackledge

The 4 Major Sources of Change for Insurance

The insurance industry faces disruption from a host of new technological and social phenomena. To plan for these, it is helpful to first examine how other industries have either successfully navigated large-scale changes and prospered, or have failed to do so and disappeared. This article will examine past and future market disruptors. It provides case […]

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