Wendy Lynch

Wendy Lynch

For over 25 years, Dr. Wendy Lynch has been making the connection between human and business performance. Her career has included roles as faculty at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Vice president of Strategic Development at HCMSGroup, Senior Scientist at Health Decisions International, Principal at Mercer Human Resource Consulting and as a member of the Board of Directors for two publicly-traded companies. Now Dr. Lynch serves as Co-Director of the Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care at the Altarum Institute and runs her own consulting firm. She also holds an adjunct position of Associate Professor at IUPUI in Indianapolis.

Educated at the University of Colorado at Boulder, she earned a Doctorate in Research and Evaluation Methodology.  Dr. Lynch has applied her skills in research design and evaluation to several pivotal studies in the fields of health management, productivity assessment and human capital management. A frequent speaker, and author of over 100 articles and reports, Dr. Lynch has also published two books: “Who Survives?” and “Aligning incentives, Information and Choice.”

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When Someone Else Pays, Employees Simply Care Less (And Spend More)

Do you honestly believe that individuals deserve the right and responsibility to make their own choices about health care? Before you answer, remember, the party in charge of spending the money becomes the ultimate decision-maker. When it comes right down to it, most people say they support patient rights, but only in the context of […]

The Key to Lower Health Care and Absence Costs

Part 2 of Video Interview (hint: the key to lower health care and absence costs isn't about health) When medical and disability costs are high, conventional wisdom assumes there must be more illness driving up costs, right? But how much of total cost can we actually attribute to health status versus other factors? Four components […]

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