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Tom Bone

Tom Bone

With more than 30 years of experience as an adviser, Tom Bone helps employers address the risks and threats to organizations and to the personal assets of their decision makers.

As a licensed broker for all types of insurance that an organization and its staff may require in a complex world, Tom also has specialized training in workers’ compensation. He holds the designation of Professional WorkComp Advisor and One Responsible Source Advisor, confirming Tom’s ability to properly analyze and coordinate all insurance programs that a well-run organization would need.

Prior to joining ISU Insurance Services as an adviser and stockholder, Tom had his own successful insurance practice for more than 29 years.

With Tom’s keen understanding of owners’ and managers’ responsibilities, he is an advocate for transparency and openly shares his knowledge and experience to help employers avoid the daily known and unknown issues facing decision makers.

Tom strongly believes that before recommendations can be made to control risks and threats, an assessment must be conducted of the organization’s operations, as well as a review of their current insurance programs. With an overall review and analysis by an insurance professional, a clear and accurate picture of how the risks and threats are being managed, and by whom, can be clearly assessed – only then can practical solutions be provided to manage risks and threats.

Tom’s openness is further expressed during seminars he has held for employers to help them gain a better understanding of how much and what kind of insurance an employer should consider.  His weekly radio show continues to be an extension of his belief that employers need to know what they don’t know, so they can avoid events that can hurt their personal assets and the organizations they manage.  As host, Tom interviews guests on current topics and disseminates solutions to employers to make their jobs easier. 

Tom continues his involvement in the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce and is a board member of the Sacramento Employers Advisory Council.

You can read Tom’s blog for timely information and to listen to podcasts of his show, titled “Insurance Matters.”

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