Tim Belber

Tim Belber

Tim Belber began working with self-made families in 1978 and is the founder of Generational Wealth Planning & Design. Early in his career, Tim felt that financial vehicles and legal strategies were too often presented as isolated tools without a connection to the family’s broader intent and desires. He dedicated his practice to assessing a family’s unique vision for the future of their wealth and melding that with the most sophisticated and appropriate financial tools, thus helping each family plan toward their highest-held financial and visionary goals.

Tim focuses his practice on helping self-made families align the power of their financial assets with their long term goals for flourishing as individuals and families across generations.

Tim earned a business degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree at night from Seton Hall University. His commitment to law school was led by the belief that it would make him a better advisor to established families.

Tim is a member of The Legacy Wealth Coach Network (2000), The Copper Beech Tree Society (2004) and a founding member of The Collaboration for Family Flourishing (2006). He speaks frequently on the subject of incorporating ethics and values into long term financial and estate plans. He has authored several articles on these subjects and has been quoted in periodicals such as the Wall Street Journal.

Tim has been married to Donna for 33 years and together they have been friend and guardian to numerous dogs. Tim is an avid fly fisherman, cyclist, reader and traveler. He speaks fluent Italian.

Recent Articles by Tim Belber

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