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Steve Kloyda

For more than 30 years, Steve Kloyda has been creating unique selling experiences that transform the lives of salespeople, prospects and customers. As founder of the Prospecting Expert, Steve helps his clients attract more prospects, retain more clients and drive more sales.

Steve began his sales career as a stockbroker in 1980. Without prior sales or business experience, he quickly developed prospecting skills and disciplines that produced phenomenal results. He opened 180 new accounts in eight months, setting a company record of nine new accounts in one day.

Steve realized that salespeople could benefit greatly from the proven success of his unique approach. In 1989, he joined a sales training organization as vice president of sales. He developed a weekly coaching program, working one-on-one with his salespeople. In his coaching sessions, Steve used their tape-recorded sales calls to illustrate which skills brought desired results and which didn’t. Steve’s collaborative, hands-on approach, focusing on positive feedback and reinforcement, brought consistently superior results for his salespeople.

The combination of his love of sales and his ability to teach others in an inspirational manner became the catalyst for creating Telemasters in 1990. Using the same strategies and methodology he used to help his salespeople, Steve developed a process for transforming the outcome of every sales opportunity. Steve’s attention to a superior customer experience and relationships built on trust was the foundation for the tremendous success of Telemasters.

After 20 years of teaching and coaching salespeople in a variety of industries under the Telemasters brand, Steve recognized that, just as the tools of the industry had evolved, so, too, must the name of his company. In March 2010, the company was renamed the Prospecting Expert to better acknowledge the vast array of tools available for salespeople today and more clearly reflect Steve’s comprehensive vision for prospecting strategies in the 21st century. Prospecting is, after all, the foundation of every successful sales professional and business.

Since 1980, Steve’s professional experience has expanded significantly. In addition to facilitating thousands of workshops across the country, he has personally:

•Made more than 250,000 telephone sales and prospecting calls
•Listened to and analyzed more than 25,000 sales calls
•Facilitated more than 6,000 one-on-one coaching sessions.

Steve’s motivation, insights and down-to-earth strategies provide a powerful learning experience for anyone wanting to transform their sales and dramatically grow their business. Steve’s mission is to create ideas that inspire, encourage and empower others to produce life-changing results.

Recent Articles by Steve Kloyda

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As an insurance professional, working with objections can be difficult. The only way to grow is to show people that you’re a professional and offer suggestions to help them solve problems based on your products or services.We need to work through objections and not try to overcome them. When we try to overcome objections, someone wins […]

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Someone could be searching for a way to fix a television and watch a favorite show, or finding a way to bring in a few extra dollars so that bills can be paid on time. Everyone faces hardships now and again. How a person uses those hardships can be an indication of how successful they will become. […]

Using Tech to Get and Keep Organized

As I work to inspire and empower my readers and those I teach and coach, it is a natural part of the process to share the technology and tools that work amazingly well. I am not affiliated with nor do I earn commission for recommending the tools I use, but when something works well for me […]

3 Strategies to Stand Apart From the Crowd

“A commodity is any good, service or product that can be produced by any number of firms, and the only distinguishing feature between these firms is who can do it the cheapest. Having your service or product being turned into a commodity is no fun because it means your profit margins will become razor thin, […]

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Do you want to know a secret? Want to know how to make your numbers almost jump right off the page? It’s a simple idea, really, but most insurance professionals don’t know it. When they find it out, they keep the idea under lock and key. But I’ve never been one to keep secrets, especially […]

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Potentially one of the easiest ways to set more appointments and generate more sales is through referrals. Notice I said “potentially.” If you are asking a friend, family member or an established customer to suggest the names of your next prospects, the whole process is somewhat easier. You already have built the rapport that you need […]

Five Steps to Improve Your Sales Process

Early in my sales career, I had the privilege of being under the leadership of Tom Vanyo, a master salesman, motivator, mentor and friend, who said to me one day in the spring of 1984, “If you don't make a major change today, you will be doing the same thing next week, next month and […]

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Think back to the last time you listened to a great story. There was a fantastic cast of characters, breathtaking scenery and, of course, a plot line that hooked you. For a brief moment, you were there, right in the middle of it, living the story. Each time a successful salesman sit downs with a potential customer […]

Be Prepared for Success

There is a saying: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” What vision do you have for your future? Is it clear? Is it in writing? Does it have a deadline?   My favorite book says, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision […]

Call Reluctance: the Bane of Sales People

I remember my first day as a stockbroker like it was yesterday, I was sitting at my desk in my brand new, three-piece suit. I was fired up, ready to start my new career! As I waited for my license to clear over the next three days, I researched different stock ideas that I could recommend […]

Call It What You Want

Call it what you want … lead generation, business development, canvassing, door to door, talking with referrals, follow up from a networking event, asking for referrals or even making the “Dreaded Cold Call.” You can disguise it anyway you want. You are prospecting! Prospects may come from a variety of sources that include your warm […]

Are You Ready To Quit Your Career In Sales?

Sales is really simple. It’s a contact sport — being in the presence of the prospect or client either by phone or face-to-face. Sometimes when we get away from the basics and fundamentals we find ourselves full of fear, worry and anxiety. I heard a wise man once say, “Work, don’t worry.” I remember what […]

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