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Steve Holden

Steve Holden

For the past 20 years, Steve Holden has represented employers in labor and employment matters.  He was a partner in a largest labor and employment law firm in the country before he formed his current firm, the Holden Law Group.

He is a seasoned litigator with experience in all types of employment claims.  Whether the dispute is in state court, federal court or an administrative agency, it is likely one previously encountered and successfully defended by Mr. Holden.

When he is not aggressively defending claims, Steve helps employers prevent claims with cutting-edge legal and practical advice.  His legal advice is combined with a keen business sense and practical human resource experience.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Steve was the Vice President and General Manager of a company with retail, wholesale and manufacturing operations.

Recent Articles by Steve Holden

Why to Take a Positive View of Maternity Leaves

“We just hired her two months ago. Now she is telling us she is pregnant and will need three months off for the birth and for bonding with the child. Didn’t she have to tell us she was pregnant when we interviewed her? How are we supposed to run a business this way?”  These sentiments of frustration are […]

The Right Way to Handle Employee Complaints

California employers have a legal duty to respond to certain employee complaints.  Failure to respond or failure to respond appropriately can result in significant liability.  This is particularly true with complaints of harassment, discrimination and other unlawful conduct.  Accordingly, employers should never take employee complaints lightly.  Even if no legal duty to investigate exists, a […]

The Two Must-Haves for Employment Practices Liability Insurance

If you own or manage an organization and have not experienced an employee claim, count yourself lucky—and know that the chances are very good that your luck will change. Many employers purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) because general business insurance policies exclude employment-related claims for issues such as discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination.  Many EPLI […]

Are You Really An At-Will Employer?

The vast majority of private employers in California desire an at-will employment relationship with employees.  The vast majority also believe they are at-will employers.  They may be, but for a great many, it will take three years of litigation and several hundred thousand dollars to prove it. It is often said that there are two […]

"Multi-Tasking" Managers May Not Be Overtime Exempt

Lawsuits based upon the misclassification of employees as overtime-exempt have been extremely common in California for the past 10 years. Given the incentives for filing such suits, it’s not surprising that the trend continues. A new case involving an assistant manager working for a major grocery chain provides importance guidance on proper classification and should […]

The New Pregnancy Disability Regulations – Clarity and Complexity

For years, California has been one of the few states with specific, independent pregnancy disability protections. The protections include freedom from discrimination and the right to take time off from work. Further protection was added last year with the mandate to continue employer-paid health care benefits during a pregnancy disability leave of absence. California's new […]

Can Employers Ever Monitor Employees' Personal Social Media?

Yes, but be careful! There is no denying that the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has exploded. The explosion includes both personal and business use of social media. It also includes use that is beneficial to employers and use that can be very damaging. Unfortunately, the influx of employment […]

Employee Time Entries – To Round Or Not To Round

Most employers know they must maintain accurate records showing the specific time when nonexempt employees begin and end each work period. This requirement includes ensuring that the in and out times for meal periods and split shifts are also accurately kept. Although many employers still use handwritten timecards or punch machines to meet the recordkeeping […]

Unauthorized Overtime: A Significant Problem

By now most employers have heard about the tremendous growth of lawsuits in California involving the rules which govern hours of work and the payment of wages. You may not, however, be aware that a significant number of these lawsuits involve the basic allegation that overtime hours were worked by an employee and never paid. […]

Downsizing: Common Sense in Decision-Making May Lead to a Trap

In today’s economy, many companies have been forced to downsize their workforce in order to cut costs. Common sense would indicate that terminating the employees with the highest salaries might be the best method for dealing with the economic reality. Cutting those with the highest salaries may make it possible to save more jobs. When […]

The Truth about Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

Because the medical use of marijuana is permissible in California with a doctor’s recommendation, ever since the passage of the Compassionate Use Act in 1996 (Prop 215), employers have been asking about the use of marijuana in the workplace. Many employers believe they can do nothing. Compounding the problem, many employees misunderstand the relationship between […]

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