Russell Lee

Russell Lee

Russell Lee is not a risk management consultant; he is an organizational change consultant with extensive experience in risk management and loss prevention.  He believes that the essence of positive change and growth is rooted in organizational and individual behavior change. He provides companies with the tools and guidance to develop the internal processes and linkages to effectively and sustainably manage risk and reduce losses.

Russell develops custom, multi-level performance support tools that guide behaviors, document activities, and provide metrics for ongoing analysis and improvement.  These tools can be deployed and/or accessed in hard copy or digital format and integrated into databases to monitor and manage change.

Russell has a Master of Arts degree in Adult Learning and Employment and extensive graduate-level coursework in organizational behavior.  He integrates a variety of disciplines into organizational change projects, including: adult learning and performance; expertise and expert performance; psychology of organizational and individual behavior; applied leadership; negotiation; and organizational change management.  He provides consultative assistance and training to client companies in both English and Spanish.

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Translating Safety Management Compliance

OSHA is currently in the process of developing an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) management standard intended to be extended to all fifty states. As California is one of only fourteen states to currently have a safety management program requirement in place (Title 8, Section 3203), significant attention has been paid to California’s program, […]

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