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Roy Ramthun

Roy Ramthun

Roy Ramthun is a nationally-recognized expert on Health Savings Accounts and consumer-directed health care issues. He led the U.S. Treasury Department’s implementation of HSAs after they were enacted into law in 2003. President George W. Bush then tapped Mr.
Ramthun to be his health care policy advisor at the White House, where he developed the President’s proposals to expand HSAs while overseeing the implementation of the Medicare prescription drug benefit (Part D). As President of HSA Consulting Services, LLC, he continues to be an advocate for consumerism in health care and is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars around the country.

Mr. Ramthun has over twenty years of health care and public policy experience, both in government and in the private sector. He has served on the staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance and the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration (now known as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). He also spent eight years with Humana Inc.

Mr. Ramthun holds a Master of Science degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Council for Affordable Health Insurance and serves on the boards of several companies and foundations.

Mr. Ramthun is the 2008 recipient of the “Pioneer in Public Policy” awarded by Consumers for Health Care Choices. He and his family have had an HSA since 2005.

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