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Robert Aurbach

Robert Aurbach

Robert Aurbach is an experienced lawyer and workers’ compensation system designer. He spent 15 years as the chief legal officer for the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration.

In that role, and subsequently as an independent consultant, Robert assisted seven governmental entities in reviewing and revising their workers’ compensation systems, resulting in substantial systemic and premium savings. 

Robert is the editor (since 2003) of the only peer-reviewed international professional journal devoted to workers’ compensation issues. He has recently consulted with the Australian federal workers’ compensation system with respect to secondary psychological overlay to physical claims.

He is an active speaker and writer, presenting at a number of American, Australian and other international conferences and writing more than 35 articles, books and book chapters. His current focus has been on understanding the factors that allow some people to recover from physical and psychological injury as expected, while others do not.

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Some claims resolve unremarkably. People heal, they go back to work, they resolve their claim around permanent impairment, if any, and adapt to their post-injury circumstances. We don’t focus on those claims. They simply pass through the system, without fuss and without remark. There are no water cooler conversations about the claimant who did what […]

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