Pierre Gagne

Pierre Gagne

Pierre Gagné is president of PSG, a consulting firm, and of, a knowledge provider for the financial industry. For the last 35 years, he has been assisting insurance companies in their quest for growth and profitability through the use of information technology. He has worked on the business and IT side of the industry.

Pierre has built a reputation in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Before PSG, Pierre was director in Newlink Group, co-partner in an independent consulting firm, director of the world insurance practice at DMR Group and manager of information services in the areas of strategic planning and change management with major insurance organizations. Pierre is also president of NorthView Knowledge, a company focused on financial services industry best practices.


  • Management consulting
  • Business and IT strategies
  • Enterprise business and IT architecture
  • Process improvement
  • Business requirements for technology
  • Implementation management
  • Project management
  • Software selection

Recent Articles by Pierre Gagne

To Merge or Not to Merge? That Is the Question

As the financial services industry consolidates rapidly, companies are entering into merger and acquisition agreements to grow and to gain infrastructure efficiencies, but many do not deliver the expected cost savings or revenue synergies. Many merger initiatives drag on interminably. There is often insufficient understanding of what is being merged or purchased. The business orientations […]

'Lego Blocks' for Setting Strategy and Planning Projects

Business frameworks have become a best practice to model processes, technology and organization. Frameworks help visualize the landscape of the current and future states of organizations. Whether they are called capability maps or business architecture frameworks, they are industry reference models that can be used to plan, analyze, develop, manage and maintain. With everything that is happening in […]

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