Dr. Nicholas Yphantides

Dr. Nicholas Yphantides

Dr. Nick Yphantides MD, MPH is an advocate for those in his community who need it the most. For nine years, Dr. Nick served as Chief Medical Officer of one the largest network of Community Clinics in San Diego County.  Ultimately he took his advocacy into politics serving as the publicly elected Chairman of the Board for Palomar Pomerado Health, the largest Public Hospital District in California. Dr. Nick was known in San Diego as a big man with a huge heart. Topping out at 467 pounds, he was a thirty-something, larger-than-life advocate for the poor who seemed like a jolly fat man.

Ten years ago, Dr. Nick temporarily retired from all of his job commitments to address his own personal health needs. Over the course of a year he drove 38,000 miles, visiting every state in America, and in the process achieved an enduring transformation of his personal health. 

His life story has been featured in People Magazine, Reader’s Digest,  Washington Post, New York Times and on CNN, Fox News, Discovery Channel and even in the National Enquirer!

He is currently advocating with the many others in the community who also have a struggle with their personal health and fitness. He serves as the Consulting Chief Medical Officer for San Diego County.  He is also the Founding Co-Chair of San Diego County’s Childhood Obesity Initiative.

Dr. Nick is a cancer survivor, has been to as many countries as he is old and is always willing to lend a helping hand where it is needed the most. His wife Despina and his daughters Veronique and Zoe are the joys of his life.  They make their home in Escondido, California.

Dr. Yphantides is the National Director for Health & Wellness with Axene Health Partners.

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