Marjorie Segale

Marjorie Segale

Ms. Segale began her insurance career with an insurance broker in Northern California as a commercial lines manager and producer.  Marjorie formed her own insurance agency a few years later, handling all lines of insurance.  After the sale of her agency, she joined the staff of Insurance Skills Center, Inc., located in Huntington Beach, California.

She is now Founder and President of Segale Consulting Services, LLC and provides a wide variety of services to the insurance industry, including account review, agency audits, strategic planning, and forensic claims analysis.

Ms. Segale is also a principal and founding member of the Insurance Community Center, LLC,  a web-based resource and education on-line site for the insurance industry.

In addition, Ms. Segale acts as an expert witness on agent and broker standard of care.  Marjorie is a National Faculty member for the National Alliance and conducts education courses on a wide variety of subject matter.

Recent Articles by Marjorie Segale

How to Cover Temps for Work Comp

For many years now, risk exposures regarding the use of labor leasing companies have been in the forefront of concerns for insurance professionals. However, many businesses use temporary staffing agencies and look at this process as just a matter of course. Some companies sporadically use these services for one or two people, but others often […]

When Terrorism Insurance Doesn’t, in Fact, Cover Terrorist Acts

Having marked another grim anniversary of 9/11, many companies have either bought insurance against terrorist acts or are considering doing so. But the issues related to coverage are more complicated than people realize. Just because acts meet the common-sense definition of terrorism and are generally referred to as terrorist acts doesn’t mean they’ll be treated […]

Hiring Your Insurance Advisor

Hiring an insurance advisor to handle your insurance is a critical necessity for a business owner. While many business owners know this, unfortunately, others default to a personal friend, a relative in the insurance business or the sales person that is friendly and wants to save you money. While there is not really anything terribly […]

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