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Laurie Infantino

Laurie Infantino

Laurie Infantino is the president of Insight Insurance Consulting, formed in 2009. Insight Insurance Consulting conducts insurance training and consulting for the insurance industry. Laurie is also the president of Insurance Community Center, which was formed in 2010. Insurance Community Center is an internet-based company providing interactive insurance webinars, professional products such as checklists, audio presentations, online technical tests and a library of insurance reference materials. Additionally, the site provides a forum for insurance blogging by posting technical insurance questions.

Before the creation of Insight Insurance Consulting and the Insurance Community Insurance Center, Laurie was the president and co-founder of Insurance Skills Center, which was formed in 1977. Insurance Skills Center was a training and consulting company for the insurance industry. In addition to insurance training, Laurie created procedure manuals for insurance broker/agents and created protocols for auditing insurance agents for compliance with standards of the industry from both a file management and technical standpoint to avoid errors and omissions. She was involved in conducting onsite audits in broker/agent offices throughout the country. She audited general agent standards but also was hired to audit specific accounts on behalf of brokers for the purpose of determining the appropriateness of the placement and appropriateness of the insurance provided based on the exposures identified. In addition, Laurie co-designed and administered a specialty designation in the insurance industry known as the AFIS designation — agricultural and farm insurance specialist.

Laurie’s first job in insurance was in 1969 at Pacific Western Mortgage, where she worked while completing her college education. Upon graduation from UCLA in 1971, she was employed by a retail insurance broker. Her education and experience in the industry included rating, underwriting, issuing and selling and marketing insurance policies. She has worked in the insurance industry as an underwriter for specialty programs, as a retail insurance producer, as a wholesale insurance producer, as an educator and as a consultant to producers, insurance customers and attorneys — assisting them on insurance and risk management issues. She has managed two specialty insurance programs, for which she assisted in designing the coverage language, formulating the rating structure, marketing and selling the products and underwriting/rating the submissions.

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