Kurt Glassman

Kurt Glassman

Kurt Glassman is an executive consultant, founding partner and president of LeadershipOne. Kurt specializes in business succession planning for family controlled and private companies.

Kurt is a product of a fourth generation family business. Over his 30+ year career, Kurt has started, acquired, and provided counsel to a variety of businesses and owners. He has built and led international and professional service organizations; created, through acquisition, a $50 million building materials operating entity; and developed multimillion-dollar real estate projects. More importantly, Kurt has experienced the highs and the lows of the business cycle. His first-hand experience – as a principal shareholder, CEO, investor and executive consultant – gives him a unique perspective.

Kurt began his career with an international consulting firm, was admitted to the partnership in 1986, and led the international manufacturing practice in the West Region. In 1989, he helped develop the international mergers and acquisition consulting practice on the West Coast, which led to his ultimate departure from the firm to form CGB Enterprises, a Hawaii Top 250 Company. Kurt is a graduate of the University of Southern California.

Recent Articles by Kurt Glassman

Succession Planning: Now or Never

Based upon President Obama's proposed budget, Succession Planning in 2012 is critical to the survival of all family businesses. Overview Last week President Obama introduced proposed tax changes that will significantly impact a family business's ability to perpetuate and retain employees. Specifically, the proposed 2013 tax changes call for: Higher Estate Taxes Reduction in Life-time […]

Building A High Reliability Organization

Recently I was reading about the challenging environment of a nuclear aircraft carrier. Here are some of the characteristics: Manned by a bunch of 20-year olds Deadly jet engines that can suck a person into the jet intake if too close Jet exhausts that can severely burn a man or blow him overboard Jet fighter […]

Am I Good Enough?

Interesting question, right? Actually, it’s probably the most asked question by top performers. Further, it’s a question a lot more managers should be asking themselves. It’s the kind of attitude that works well in any competitive environment — sports, business or the game of life itself. The heart of the issue is really not am […]

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