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Kory Wells

Kory Wells

Kory Wells became involved with workers’ compensation almost 20 years ago as one of the first programmers of ModMaster experience rating analysis software. A frequent speaker and published author in both professional and creative genres, she’s now a senior adviser for P&C technology with Zywave and is widely known for blogging and social media activity under the name WorkCompEdge.

Recent Articles by Kory Wells

What’s the Cost of the Polar Vortex?

Long-range forecasts don’t all agree on the weather or how we label it, but another winter of extreme cold may be upon much of the nation. I’m personally convinced one is because even where I live, in Tennessee, my dog, Max, is vocally rejecting his outdoor house at night — and that doesn’t usually happen until January. While […]

How Health Rebates Affect Workers’ Comp

In a popular article published earlier this year, Mark Walls examines the complex relationship between the Affordable Care Act (ACA or PPACA) and workers’ compensation. While I recommend the entire article, today I want to focus on one point that Mark highlights. In preparing for the effects of the fully implemented ACA, Mark advises that […]

Is Paying Small Work Comp Claims Out of Pocket Ever Smart?

Many of you are well-versed in the importance of medical-only claims to the experience modification rating process. In the vast majority of states, these claims, also known as injury or IJ code type 6 losses, are reduced by 70% for the purposes of the mod calculation. This reduction is known as the experience rating adjustment […]

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