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Judith Delaney

Judith Delaney

Judith is the founder and chief new media compliance strategist for CMMR Group-TurnsonPoint, a new media compliance solutions firm located in Petaluma, Calif.

CMMR Group-TurnsonPoint specializes in the integration of new media strategies with business strategies to effectively manage risk associated with online compliance (such as the HIPPA Omnibus Rule), global social media private and data protections and contract risk management.

Judith’s experience and skills as a new media compliance strategist have been honed through a professional career of 27 years building and managing corporate legal departments for organizations such as SAP America, Sybase and the University of Southern California (Health Sciences).

Judith continues to demonstrate her thought leadership in these areas through her posts and articles, as well as through speaking to individuals and organizations, on the importance of understanding and taking action in response to legal and regulatory changes that affect brands and contractual positions in the online global world.

As a speaker, she has addressed these topics for the Chief Financial Officers’ National Conference, San Francisco, Sonoma County realtors and the City of Santa Rosa.

Judith’s  affiliations include the Wharton School of Business, the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Harvard Business School, the American Bar Association, the Denovati Group and the ADR Conflict Resolution and Mediation Exchange.

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