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J. Bradley Young

J. Bradley Young

J. Bradley Young is a partner with the St. Louis law firm of Harris, Dowell, Fisher & Harris, where he is the manager of the workers’ compensation defense group and represents self-insured companies and insurance carriers in the defense of workers’ compensation claims in both Missouri and Illinois.

He has well over 20 years of experience in all aspects of workers compensation defense. Mr. Young has spoken before corporate organizations and at in-house client seminars for many years and frequently lectures for nationally known seminar companies on topics relating to workers’ compensation claims, employer liability and third-party administration of claims.

In addition to television appearances on local stations KSDK Channel 5, KMOV Channel 4 and KTVI Channel 2, Mr. Young is also a frequent guest on local radio station KMOX and writes monthly articles for journals and magazines on a wide variety of legal topics.

Recent Articles by J. Bradley Young

An Ignored Cause of Workers’ Comp Fraud

If you are involved with workers’ comp claims in any way, you undoubtedly have a stable of great stories to tell. Maybe you’ve seen the guy who claims he can barely walk yet finds the strength to run in a marathon. Or maybe you’ve seen the claimant who says he has never had any prior […]

Why Comp Claims Can Take Forever

Over the years, I’ve had safety directors or claims managers tell me that workers’ compensation claims move slower than a one-legged dog on tranquilizers. I would say the resolution speed of comp claims more closely resembles that of a three-legged dog on mild muscle relaxants – – but I won’t quibble over how far to […]

Why Workers’ Comp Claims Will Keep Falling

According to NCCI, the number of lost-times claims has been on a downward trend for more than a decade. With the exception of 2010, the number of lost-time claims has been declining over the past decade at a predictable rate of approximately 2% to 3% a year. The question, though, is whether this trend will continue. Many analysts are […]

3 Essential Elements of Any RTW Program

At many different employers and insurance carriers, I’ve noticed every company has a slightly different light-duty program (or return-to-work (RTW) program). The more successful always have these three elements: 1. Ensure the injured worker’s job duties do not exceed medical restrictions I have faced this situation many times: Employer tells claimant to return to work in a light-duty […]

Obesity as Disability? Workers' Comp Effects

A federal district court ruled in April 2014 that obesity itself may be a disability, amounting to the first shot in a war of lawsuits on grounds of obesity discrimination and opening up additional liability for workers' compensation claims across the country. The case is Joseph Whittaker v. America’s Car-Mart, in the federal district court […]

Can You Trust the Aflac Duck?

I'm always a bit skeptical when companies report the results of self-serving surveys, so let's look at what Aflac — you know, the duck-spokesman company — said about a survey that indicated that offering disability insurance coverage to workers could drive workers' compensation claims down considerably. The survey found: 42% of all companies providing voluntary accident and disability insurance report declines […]

A Catch-22 on Hiring the Disabled

In the Missouri Court of Appeals' recent decision in Stewart v. Second Injury Fund, the facts were not in dispute: Ms. Stewart worked at Subway for a few months, suffered a moderately severe injury at work and could not return to any type of employment. Here’s where the story becomes interesting: The claimant qualified for Social Security disability in 1997 […]

Six Things to Look for in a Workers’ Comp Counsel

When I started defending workers’ comp claims 25 years ago, I learned very quickly what carriers and employers wanted from me—because adjusters would tell me every day about what they DIDN’T like about other defense attorneys. Seeing an opportunity, I made sure I did the OPPOSITE of the complaints. To paraphrase Rod Serling, I am […]

Five Workers’ Compensation Myths

Travelers Insurance, which recently passed Liberty Mutual to be the largest workers' compensation insurance carrier in the U.S., published a list of five common workers' comp myths, from a small employer's perspective: “I only have a few employees, so I don’t need comp insurance.” “My employees won’t sue me.” “Comp insurance is too expensive, so I’ll just pay […]

An Old Trick That Reduces Workers' Comp Claim Costs

Let me assure you from the outset that this article has nothing to do with losing belly fat, curing diabetes with cinnamon or buying real estate with no money down. And, unlike other enticing articles that make you wade through 30 minutes before they tell you about that “one trick,” I’ll get right to it. The […]

What Happens When Technology and Workers’ Comp Law Collide?

Those of us who have been workers’ comp professionals for a while like to think that there are no new issues. We’ve seen it all, done it all, and have a closet full of T-shirts to prove it. Yet technology, like the proverbial new wine in an old wineskin, can break out of the boundaries […]

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