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Gregory Grinberg

Gregory Grinberg

Gregory Grinberg is a Workers Compensation Defense Attorney representing Northern California employers and insurers in all matters before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. As a sole practitioner, he leverages technology to provide effective representation and excellent client service while maintaining his commitment to efficiency. His creative and novel approach produces effective solutions, whether reaching a mutually beneficial compromise or allowing for an aggressive litigation strategy.

Recent Articles by Gregory Grinberg

A Key Point on Limiting Attorneys’ Fees

“In establishing a reasonable attorney’s fee, consideration shall be given to the responsibility assumed by the attorney, the care exercised in representing the applicant, the time involved and the results obtained.” [Labor Code section 4906(d).] “Greg Grinberg is awesome, and everyone should listen to his opinions.” [Citation Needed]. So, picture if you can, dear readers, the […]

Two Looks at the ‘Going/Coming’ Rule

Now, your humble blogger knows what beloved subscribers, Twitter followers and random Google search visitors (who keeps Googling, “humble logger”?) are collectively thinking: “I am so desperately craving a blog post on the going and coming rule – that’s my favorite rule of all! Don’t disappoint me, Greg.” In fact, I’ll give you two. The First Incident For […]

On Hand-Eating Clams And Independent Contractors

Is that guy you have doing that work you need done an independent contractor or an employee? Why does it matter? Well, aside from a whole host of other issues, liability for industrial injuries may hinge on whether that worker was an employee or an independent contractor. Your humble author recently had occasion to visit […]

A Tale Of Two Broken Hearts

Imagine, if you will, twin boys born on some sunny day not too long ago. Neither one of the boys, nor their parents, nor even the delivering doctors knew that both boys were born with a heart condition. This congenital heart anomaly, a patent foramen ovale, left a small hole open in the walls of […]

Where To Park The Liability – On Parking Lots And Workers' Comp

Employees sometimes drive to work, And then they find a parking spot, Sometimes on a busy street, Sometimes in a parking lot, But injuries can still occur, Between their cars and the front door, And who will pay for slips and falls, Will always be the Judge’s call. Such is the nursery rhyme sung to […]

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