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David Lewison

David Lewison

David Lewison has been the Financial Services Practice Support Leader of AmWINS Brokerage Group since January 2011.  AmWINS Group has over 70 offices in 16 countries.  Dave is the nationwide resource for the Financial Services Practice.  He is highly experienced and knowledgeable in management liability and professional liability products such as: Directors & Officers, Cyberliability, Employment Practices and Professional Liability.  He supports the national practice by assisting with claim disputes, authoring client advisories, creating risk analysis tools, developing proprietary products, managing market relationships, providing coverage comparisons and other value added resources. 

Dave has taught continuing education classes on the subjects of Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability and Cyberliability.  He has presented on seminar panels covering topics such as privacy insurance, leveraging boards of directors, corporate turn-arounds and bankruptcies.  Dave co-authored an article titled “D&O Liability in Bankruptcy” that appeared in Pratt’s Journal of Bankruptcy Law.  He also moderates a LinkedIn group on Security & Privacy Insurance.

Dave regularly draws upon his experiences from a dozen years as a wholesaler as well as his five and a half years as a retail insurance broker and insurance company underwriter.  His knowledge base built from three different sides of an insurance transaction is well rounded, yet specialized in management liability insurance products.  Product specialization is a critical component of the value proposition for both Dave and AmWINS Group Inc.

Recent Articles by David Lewison

How Data Breaches Affect More Than Cyberliability

You’ve probably seen the recent headlines about the Target retail chain being hacked, resulting in approximately 40 million customer credit and debit card numbers being stolen by hackers. It would be easy to write another article about the importance of cyberliability insurance, but we’d like to go a step further. While it is true that […]

D&O Coverage: A Low-Cost Alternative for Nonprofits

Who needs nonprofit directors and officers (D&O) coverage when you have volunteer immunity and homeowners insurance? Not so fast. It is possible to find some coverage, or form of immunity, under your homeowner’s policy, and there are attorneys that find ways to wedge things into coverage when there are no other remedies available.  However, that […]

Cyberliability Update For The Healthcare Industry

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Am I Covered For Cyber-Terrorism?

Are you covered for cyber-terrorism? If you have not purchased Cyberliability insurance, the answer is likely no. A General Liability policy needs bodily injury, property damage or possibly an advertising injury to respond. Property insurers don't view data as tangible property, and a property policy needs a peril like wind, fire or hail to respond […]

Outlook For The Private Directors & Officers Marketplace

Private Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) policies are generally combined policies including D&O and Employment Practices Liability (EPL). Although they are typically marketed as Directors & Officers policies, and there are definitely D&O claims, claims frequently come from the Employment Practices Liability side of the form. Private Directors & Officers carriers find it challenging to […]

Navigating School Board And Educators Legal Liability Policies

Brokers who place School Board and Educators Legal Liability insurance are beginning to notice that the marketplace has gotten more difficult. Layoffs from budget cuts have triggered an increase in Employment Practices Liability (EPL) claims, while the tough job market has led to an increased amount of “failure to educate” claims. The very public proceedings […]

Social Media And The Insurance Implications

Most marketing and communication departments know all too well that social media and social networking sites are a treasure trove of opportunity for elevating your personal or corporate brand. Employees use social media for personal use, but also use it as a forum to talk about their boss, their company, their products, their problems and […]

Privacy Enforcement In The Healthcare Arena​

The Exposure Organizations that deal with private health information (PHI) should know how to properly handle such data in absence of a breach as well as how to respond after a breach occurs. According to the 2011 Computer Security Institute Crime and Security Survey, 97% of organizations report using anti-virus software, 95% use firewalls, 85% […]

FTC Requires Certain Businesses To Implement A Written Identity Theft Protection Program

Now effective January 1, 2011, certain businesses in the United States are required to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program to detect warning signs (so called Red Flags) and to implement processes to quickly mitigate the impact of Identity Theft and to stop further instances. On December 8, 2010, the Red Flag Program Clarification […]

Mortgage Impairment Coverage

Competitive Options Exist for Your Client Despite Market Shifts Mortgage impairment insurance is a policy purchased by financial institutions to protect their financial interests on property owned by borrowers. Home and business owners are required to carry first-party insurance on the mortgaged property to protect their own interests, but what if they don’t buy enough […]

Key Terminology for Claims-Made Policies for Professional and Management Liability

Occurrence Versus Claims Made CoverageInsurance written on an occurrence form provides coverage for events or wrongful acts solely occurring during the policy period. The claim from the wrongful act can be brought in the future after the policy expires and still have coverage respond. For example, if you buy an auto policy that is valid […]

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