Curt Shaw

Curt Shaw

Curt Shaw is the CEO and founder of Succeed Management Solutions, LLC and has over 35 years of experience in key management positions with fortune 500 organizations and insurers, and founded Succeed and a successful consulting business. Curt is a retired Board Certified Industrial Hygienist and Safety Professional of 30 years, and an Environmental Engineer with an industry-wide reputation as an expert on risk mitigation.

Curt has held key risk management positions with Fortune 500 organizations and insurance carriers, finally branching out on his own in 1996 to start Succeed Safety and Health Services, Inc. as a consulting business. In the course of his career, Curt developed a national reputation among insurers and employers for turning around organizations with poor loss records and substantially reducing their insurance and loss related expenses.

As part of his consulting business, Curt started developing software tools to increase his efficiency. He soon realized that there was a market for the tools and in 2006 he established Succeed to separate development and marketing of the software products from the services products.

Curt retains the position of President & CEO and actively participates in all aspects of the business, especially in the sales process. Curt is the visionary behind the product.

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