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Chuck Coppage

Chuck Coppage

Chuck Coppage joined InterWest Insurance Services in 2000 to develop and manage two major captive programs, Agricon and ASC. In 2005, he was asked to form and manage the Alternative Markets Division for InterWest where he assists in identifying clients who would benefit from insurance solutions involving risk transfer as part of their overall financial management strategy. These risk sharing options include retrospective rating, large deductibles, self-insured retentions, captives & rent-a-captives and individual as well as group based self-insurance plans.

Chuck Coppage started his career in the insurance industry with Fireman’s Fund in 1973 and has worked at all levels of branch and home office operations. He was the first Product Manager for the Northern California Regional Home Office of Fireman’s Fund where he developed alternative market products for their branch offices.

In his career, Chuck has been very active in association and affinity based insurance programs and served as President of the Management Committee Board for the Automotive Service Council Joint Venture Agency formed in 1999. He started his first rent-a-captive program in 1995 for the Western Carwash Association and since has specialized in the alternative market area.

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