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Charles Juniper

Charles Juniper

Charles Juniper is a senior insurance analyst within Ovum’s global financial services technology team.  He has a particular focus on the European insurance sector, core administration platforms, regulatory issues and insurance business process outsourcing (BPO).

Charles has over 7 years research experience as an analyst examining the life, P&C and commercial insurance sectors across Europe, North American and emerging markets. During this time he has produced numerous reports and worked closely with a number of insurers and vendors to support their specific research needs.

Charles also has 10 years of experience of corporate strategy development within BT with a particular focus on IT services development, outsourcing and acquisitions.

Charles holds a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering from Liverpool University and an MBA from the Open University.

Recent Articles by Charles Juniper

Global Insurance IT Spending Set to Top $100 Billion

As conditions in insurance markets worldwide slowly improve, CIOs are beginning to re-assess their strategies to drive a new set of IT priorities and are increasing their IT budgets. The new reality of only modest premium growth in most mature markets is driving focus on simultaneously improving operational efficiency and organizational flexibility. As a result, […]

Insurers Rearm To Fight Professional Fraudsters

Many insurers are redesigning their strategies to deliver systems that forestall attempted fraud, adapt to changing fraud techniques, and are applied at all points of interaction between a policyholder and an insurer. This change is driven by the alarming increase in professional fraud networks in the last five years and the realization that an effective […]

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