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BJ Hardman

BJ Hardman

BJ  Hardman is CEO & Chief Coach of Sanarus Technologies LLC, a firm she founded in 2009 to bring minimally invasive, FDA cleared cryo-technology products to the breast tumor market and save women’s breasts.

Previously, she was chief coach and CEO of PointStar Consulting Group, a consulting services company that focuses on rapid implementation of enterprise-wide solutions for clients, aligning customer needs, strategy, processes, technology and people.  Hardman is an experienced general and financial manager and has been consulting to major clients since 1988.

Prior to founding PointStar Consulting Group, BJ Hardman was recruited by KPMG to build their insurance consulting practice.  She served as a director in KPMG’s global insurance consulting practice and was a major contributor to the development of its customer-centric management processes. Before joining KPMG, Hardman was vice president and a principal of Schrempf Group, a management consulting firm she co-founded in 1988. The firm specialized in providing a wide range of consulting services to the insurance industry and developed a consulting approach that assembled project teams that were uniquely matched to meet specific client needs.

Previously, Hardman was vice president and director, finance & administration, for Argonaut Group, where she was a key member of the executive turn-around team recruited to rebuild. Prior to joining Argonaut Group, she also held senior executive positions executive vice president and CFO at The Record Factory and Johnson & Johnson.

Hardman is a frequent industry speaker (Connecting to the Customer, The Speed of E:  How the Internet is Transforming the Way Business Works, Growth Strategies for The Future, The Thinking Organization, The Transformed Company of the Next Century, Beyond Reengineering, Banking and Insurance:  A New Perspective, Making the Most of Interactive Media and Business Performance Modeling) and has written numerous articles on a variety of topics including Improving Market Share and Profitability and Customer Delight:  The Key to Success.

Hardman received a Master of Science degree in Business Management from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, where she was a Sloan Fellow, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in finance from California State University, San Jose.

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