Anyck Turgeon

Anyck Turgeon

Anyck Turgeon is a member of the Firestorm Expert Council, and Sole Recipient of the 2011 International Honorary Recognition as Female Executive of the Year in Energy.

With more than 24 years of technology innovation experience, Anyck Turgeon is an executive that brings proven leadership, results-oriented practices and an impressive portfolio of industry successes.

She currently serves as founder and principal of the Tech Innovation Network, a fast-growing online forum for showcasing and discussing the latest innovation issues.

Upon serving as CEO of the CoreClean Group conglomerate, Anyck received four 2011 industry finalist recognitions as Executive of the Year in Energy, Women Executives in America, Turnaround Executive of the Year and Hero of the Year.

Previously, Anyck served as Chief of Information Strategy & Security at Crossroads Systems where her performance was recognized as IT Executive of the Year, Industry’s Most Valuable Performer, Shaping Information Security People, Woman of the Year in Information Security and finalist for Best Executive in America.

Having served in various management positions at Oracle, Platinum and Prism Solutions, Anyck has assisted numerous corporations (including General Motors, JP Morgan Chase, Visa, and Nike) in addressing their technological and security needs. She holds an extensive educational background, serves on the board of several organizations, plays an active role in national and local charities, and is an active member of several associations, including the Department of Homeland Security/Stanford Research Institute (DHS/SRI), SINET and the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).

In November 2011, Ms. Turgeon was honored to receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award from the Government of Canada to honor the on-going excellence her work.

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