Andrew Cavenagh

Andrew Cavenagh

Andrew Cavenagh is the Managing Director and Founder of Pareto Captive Services. Andrew is a leading expert in the employee benefit group captive area.  He is currently the chairman of SIIA’s Alternative Risk Transfer Committee and often speaks at various industry events. Prior to founding Pareto Captive Services, Andrew created and managed Berkley Accident & Health’s Group Captive Division.  He also served as an Executive Vice President at Berkley Risk.

In addition to his role at Pareto, Andrew is an owner and Managing Director at Garnet Captive Services, LLC and Shelter Insurance Services, LLC.  Garnet Captive forms and manages Property & Casualty group captives, and Shelter is a wholesaler of workers’ compensation for framing and roofing contractors.

Andrew has created over fifteen separate group captives.

Andrew attended Swarthmore College and has a BA in Economics.  He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

Recent Articles by Andrew Cavenagh

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The recent proliferation of employee benefit group captives has pulled together two sets of people in the insurance industry that have traditionally been in separate silos — “benefits people” and “Property & Casualty people”. These two worlds have collided as benefits captives pull from two fairly distinct skill sets. My own experience was largely with […]

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