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How AI Can Drive Clinical Insights

In the healthcare industry, the strides from machine learning and artificial intelligence have been exciting. And because the nature of underwriting in healthcare relies so heavily on member information and huge volumes of data, the potential of leveraging AI and machine learning in determining underwriting risk cannot be ignored. What could make the equation for a better […]

Skills Needed for Modernization?

One of the happiest, most inspiring headlines I’ve seen in recent months read – “Nationwide announces five-year, $160M Future of Work investment.” Finally, an insurer was putting a stake in the ground, announcing a major commitment to address a looming and significant reality – the nature of work is changing. The article addressed the “how” […]

Bold Prediction on Customer Experience

If there’s one thing management gurus like to do early in a year, it’s make predictions – and customer experience (CX) experts are no different. But business predictions are like weather forecasts. Everybody consumes them, but rarely does anybody look back to check their accuracy. Back in 2014, for example, 89% of companies surveyed predicted that […]

IoT: A Breakthrough or Just More Hype?

Many industry executives talk confidently about the opportunities the Internet of Things (Iot) presents, but is it really an exciting opportunity, or is it all hype? To begin to think about opportunities and threats, a simple operational definition is probably going to help: The Internet of Things is: Different “things” connected by a network that […]

Market Boundaries Are Blurring

The year is 1959. Neuroscientist and psychologist Bela Julesz tests the ability of the brain to perceive images in 3D. With circular dots and a double image, subjects could begin to see a circle floating above a printed background. Fast forward 20 years, and two of Julesz’s students use a computer to accomplish the same […]