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Six Things Newsletter | April 13, 2021

In this week’s Six Things, Paul Carroll explains how Microsoft just raised the bar. Plus, the future of AI in insurance; 10 ways to prepare for the hard market; the key to the future of mobility; and more. Microsoft Just Raised the Bar Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL While insurance has been steadily improving communications […]

How Insurers Can Step Up on Climate Change

Insurance sector communities have invaluable expertise and resources to address society’s climate challenges, but that experience is not fully understood or harnessed into the mainstream climate, sustainable development and finance agenda. The United Nations’ 26th conference on climate change, known as COP26, is a strategic opportunity to finally and comprehensively bridge this gap. With COP26 […]

How AI Is Moving Distribution Forward

While artificial intelligence can improve almost all of the insurance value chain, most insurers are still not leveraging AI at its full capacity. Adopting AI and implementing hyper-automated systems can help insurance distribution, in particular, become more efficient, accurate and secure — a benefit that both companies and the end consumer will see. From improving […]

Microsoft Just Raised the Bar

While insurance has been steadily improving communications with customers through gradual adoption of chatbots, Microsoft just put another big item on the industry’s technology to-do list: speech recognition. Microsoft’s announcement on Monday that it is buying speech-recognition firm Nuance for $16 billion means that insurers will have to confront the technology — likely sooner than […]

Time to Start Over on Secondary Towing

Immediately following an accident, undrivable cars are typically towed away from the scene to temporary holding locations such as an impound lot or storage facility. There they remain until an insurance adjuster evaluates the vehicle and declares it a total loss or requests to have it towed to another facility to be repaired. This process […]

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