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Why AI Is Not a Threat to Human Jobs

A lot of the concern about artificial intelligence in the workplace appears to be based on what people have seen in cartoons, read in novels or watched in sci-fi movies, portraying a world overtaken by robots. Now that AI-based systems and applications are gaining ground, people are getting nervous about the role of machines. Will […]

Can We Tolerate Snake Oil Salesmen?

There is a great scene in the old movie, “The Outlaw Josie Wales,” where a snake oil salesman is selling medicinal cures. The salesman encourages a character to try a sip, and the character responds, “You drink it!” The salesman stutters. The prospective customer asks, “What’s in it?” The salesman says, “Why, I don’t know. […]

‘Yoga Your Way’ to Better WC Results

With the advancement of telehealth and mobile workforces, an exciting concept has emerged to assist employers and employees to take control of their body and provide better quality of life. This new concept is Yoga Your Way. Yoga popularity has grown tremendously in the past several years, and National Health Interview Survey data conducted by the […]

When Budget Cuts Hit CX Program

Even in the healthiest of economies, individual businesses may face budget cuts due to poor sales, expense increases or other factors. Oftentimes, one of the first places businesses look to tighten their purse strings is in marketing and customer experience. Here are some strategies to deal with budget cuts when they hit your customer experience […]

10 Tips For Using Net Promoter Score

For all the attention Net Promoter Score (NPS) has garnered as an instrument for gauging customer experience quality, it’s startling how many organizations implement it incorrectly. Indeed, many of the criticisms lobbed at Net Promoter have less to do with the measure itself and more with the perverse manner by which companies use it. (Need a Net Promoter […]