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COVID-19: A Catalyst for Key Reviews

Law firms and accounting firms alike have complex and often rigorous conflicts and intake processes to vet new business and determine the worthiness of accepting and representing clients. These processes need to consider many different ethical and compliance considerations, depending on the type of work and the jurisdiction(s) the work will reside in. Internally, there […]

Driving Into the Future of Telematics

Roadblocks exist for a reason. While often viewed as an obstacle or a challenge, in fact they’re an opportunity to find a solution that’s right in front of you. Take the notion of a mass market telematics programs. In early ideation, telematics was proposed to be a grand, value-generating asset to businesses across multiple lines […]

Six Things Newsletter | October Wrap Up

The most popular topics of October. The future of insurance: hyper-personal; a new boom for life insurance; 6 cybersecurity threats for insurers; secret to leadership in insurtech innovation; and more. THIS MONTH’S TOP ARTICLES Future of Insurance: Hyper-Personal Protection products will increasingly have to be dynamic, meeting the needs of each individual as preferences and […]

Election’s Impact on Liability Insurance

It now seems clear that practically no issue will be left unaffected by the impending presidential election, including matters pertaining to insurance. And while health insurance has been the most dominant political talking point, the November election may also have consequences for certain aspects of liability insurance. To be sure, neither President Trump nor former […]

State of Commercial Insurance Market

In a survey of frequent Out Front Ideas attendees, one of the biggest concerns raised by risk managers was the rapidly evolving insurance marketplace. These challenges started back in 2018, but COVID-19, civil unrest and other events have accelerated this change. At the Out Front Ideas virtual conference, a panel discussed these challenges. Our guest […]

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