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Post-Pandemic Evolution of Payments

Over the last 18 months, insurers were pushed to communicate, service, process manual payments and win new business without risking the health and wellbeing of those accustomed to an in-person operating model.  With mail systems under significant pressure amid severe weather and a notable increase in volume, the need for safe, efficient, user-friendly digital payment […]

2 Areas of Focus for Distribution

Within the insurance industry, the personal lines sector has frequently been the pioneer in building and enhancing digital capabilities. With increasing demands from both policyholders and distribution partners for digital solutions, technology innovation was and remains imperative to both staying relevant and increasing market share. Simply put, insurers that do not continue to prioritize their […]

Getting to ‘Amazon-Like’ Auto Claims

Last week, we debuted our “Connected Insurance” webcast series with ““DISRUPTION: Technologies Transforming the Industry.”  I had the pleasure of serving as host and moderator, and by all accounts the session was well received.  Our underlying theme for the session was how digital technologies, including AI, are transforming the insurance economy. More broadly, our expert […]

Pivotal Moment for Innovation in Auto

Traffic is back. Are insurers ready for the inevitable rise in auto accident claims? Motorists filed fewer claims during the pandemic, as lockdowns reduced the number of cars on the road. Data from Allstate, GEICO and Progressive show that claims frequency fell by 27% to 30% in 2020 for physical damage claims and 25% to […]

The Problem Every Engineer Must Solve

What single problem must all engineers solve? Hint: The answer is so simple, you can’t even see it. The paradox of invisibility A firefighter may be worth a million dollars per hour when there is a fire and her or she courageously saves lives and salvages property. The value of the firefighter is derived from […]

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